Digital strategy is an essential component of the company's performance in the years 2014-2015

Particularly in Europe, confronted with competition from countries whose current economic mechanisms make labour costs inevitably lower than ours, Technology is the main driver of business performance.

However, since the 1970-1980 Who have seen the emergence of Micro Processors And the strong inflection of the ability to miniaturize memories, the years 2010-2014 have been particularly technologically innovative. We can quote:

  • The generalization of Multiform terminals (smartphones, tablets), for both personal and professional use: it is estimated (source MMA) that Mi-2014 more than one French on two has a smartphone (i.e. 27.7 million French), one in three homes is equipped with at least one tablet (or 9.1 million households), and three out of four mobile phones sold in 2014 will be smartphones (i.e. 17.5 million units).
  • Widespread interconnection of IT resources (The concept of Cloud),
  • The interweaving of information and communication technologies (Telephony, geolocation, ...),
  • The Generalization of the image, fixed or video,
  • The Development of tactile interfaces, which induce for tomorrow the development of voice recognition type interfaces (cf. Google at this time ..), or even form.

This is a major, to the extent that it (re) places theUser (in the broad sense of the term: collaborator of the company, partner or client),  In the center : Technology no longer forces it to use a certain type of terminal, at some place, at some point, for some type of need, but on the other hand it can Connect from anywhere, anytime, to use very different, personal or professional applicationsfrom different personal or professional devices.

The business processes have an extraordinary opportunity to make progress in terms of efficiency, flexibility and cost.

This evolution also Rethinking the ' customers ' approach, as defined in Strictly ' marketing ' approaches of the 1970s, which considered them to be Simple passive consumers It allows them to be positioned as responsible individuals, informed more than influenced, and above all Turn them into actors, through Direct decision Making, recording of orders, controls, ...


Skepsos is a collaborative consultancy in digital services and innovation strategy.

Our firm is " Digital native (Digital native or Digiborigène), we have grown up with the new information and communication technologies.

Mastering the technological developments that support trades, organizations and information systems, We accompany the Directorates-General, human resources, marketing and information systems in their digital transformation.

We consider that a Successful transformation of the company into the digital world Must address the technological, human and commercial dimensions/client: It is this ecosystem that is addressed by Skepsos.

We intervene on Services and digital innovation missions, in Cultural transformation of organizations, in Control of IT transformation programs and operational management of project execution.

For example, our consultants have defined the strategy of services in the area of mutual health, proposing new channels of contact with the members, original applications of connection with health professionals, Very innovative communication methods.

They piloted major transformation programs based onIntroduction of new technologies For clients in the insurance and banking fields. They accompanied the change induced by the Implementation of digital technologies For clients in the financial and service sectors.

Convinced that one of the major opportunities of our organizations is diversity, which is the foundation of innovation, our interventions are based on teams built on the Variety of experiences of our consultants, and the intergenerational transmission that we provide through Dyads Junior-Senior.

Our approach and our collaborative methodologies are original.

Digital strategy

For example, we found that Digital artists and web designers, and more broadly The world of communication on the Internet, propose Unprecedented angles of view.

By their experience, their sensibility and their aesthetic sense, They promote creativity and innovation, they contribute to theOriginality of digital strategies That we define with our customers.

In breach of the traditional approach of most consulting firms,  Skepsos Therefore voluntarily introduces in its approaches and workshops expert interventions in digital technologies but also artists and ' creative ' for Imagining together innovative uses, identify appropriate digital and numerical technologies, and promote their implementation through ...

  • User experience approaches (an essential part of the Growth hacking),
  • Co-creation Workshops, prototyping,
  • Ideas Engineering Labs,
  • Collaborative projects,
  • Professional events.

... The emergence of technological advances and aesthetic codes.

Our approach

For Skepsos, a service strategy goes beyond improving the customer-supplier relationship: It values theAgility of the Company, collaboration in a Ecosystem Where suppliers, partners, collaborators and customers interact to create value based on the Digital Technologies.

In a world where the speed of transformation is key, old recipes are insufficient to succeed, anticipate and innovate: The digital enterprise is disruptive, it opens up on innovation, it synthesizes skills (ex: marketing, HR and it), its management is capable of:

  • Out of the frame.
  • Lead and think differently.
  • Innovate otherwise.
  • Take risks.

To succeed in your service strategy, we propose to meet together 5 challenges, which are:

  1. Anticipate and share a common vision By giving everyone the opportunity to integrate their own vision, to foster collective intelligence.
  2. Defining and thinking globally the innovative ecosystem Beginning by analyzing the numerical and aesthetic maturity.
  3. Decide and build with agility the services, the user experience (U. x) to understand and observe the problems of the users and identify the opportunities.
  4. Measure and manage in real time/location the performance and profitability of the services. 
  5. Accompany cultural changes, organize awareness and improve processes that support efforts and shorten deployments.

Our services

Skepsos has built a catalogue of services around its operational experiences 4 Agile Consulting Offers On which the company is committed to the results.


Share expectations and build vision:


  • Analyzing the cultural style of the Organization, according to visible parameters (governance, partners and customers) and invisible (values, harmony and dissonance),
  • Anticipating and raising awareness of the stakes and the need for change,
  • Position the company in relation to the whole of its ecosystem (Competitors, media, society and history),
  • Identify the main needs To improve the user experience and performance,
  • Position a digital break strategy, analyzing the impacts of new technologies on organizations, value chains, processes,
  • Formalize selected strategic axes.


Mobilize all actors and prototype solutions


  • The main objective is to Giving envy to change.
  • This desire rests on the CO-Creation and joint implementation, through prototyping techniques that make it possible to visualize and test the proposed ideas extremely quickly.
  • This approach implies a Collaboration of the different professions from the upstream stages of research and observation of the uses, identification of solutions and expected interactions between users and services.
  • The role of artists and designers is paramount As they help to clarify the identity, interfaces and interactions of services with their users. We use techniques like the Growth hacking, the implementation of user Tests between two iterations, prototyping, POCs (proof of concept) And make sure the digital base is robust.
  • As for the It trades experts (Developer, architecture manager), they are Guaranteeing the feasibility of the scenarios of solutions and prototyping.


Disseminate, coach and animate the implementation


  • To succeed a project, the trajectory is as important as the target
  • The objective is to Coach and animate the implementation of the service strategy/digital strategy.
  • In order to accompany change, we prefer the use of digital tools: This is
    • Disseminate and communicate broadly the objectives and challenges to all social networks, through videos and presentations using the techniques of Storytelling »,
    • In a sub-group or individually and "Coach" the actors on the actions taken, the implementation and monitoring plan,
    • Adapt the interventions to these actors by providing our experiences and tools.


Securing and ensuring continuous improvement


  • Companies have internal capabilities and resources that are often superior to what they imagine ...
  • On the basis of the mobilization of the actors for the implementation of the innovative strategy this is – beyond the accompaniment to the implementation – of Releasing energies, to set up a Recurring Project Dynamics.
  • The objective is to:
    • Secure and ensure continuous improvement
    • Adapt The device according to the evolution of the needs and the internal relays.
    • Measure With relevant indicators the results obtained.

Our offer

Skepsos intends to put into practice its own theories, and to propose to its clients an innovative, agile, pragmatic approach that allows to obtain quickly tangible and concrete results, but nonetheless enshrined in the duration. In this objective, on the basis of our experiences, we have defined four packages:

These 4 packages are adapted to a stage of launching a digital strategy, in the context of a medium-sized enterprise (up to 5 000 employees) or as part of an activity/department of the same size of a larger group.

They are a great way to quickly start the definition and launch the implementation of a digital strategy adapted to the context of organizations of this size.

Digital strategy

The rapid evolution of communication technologies and tools requires agile change To significantly increaseOptimize the number of interactions between a company and its ecosystem, including its customers.

Our offer of services for the management of your digital strategy is based on the concepts of ' Growth hacking ' : This creative and innovative method for achieving Measurable and significant growth objectives Based on continually improved experimentation in order to achieve increasing growth at a minimum cost.

The Growth hacking is based in particular on a Use of major social networks, and ' real-time ' analysis tools Allowing " Down At best the Expectations of service users.

The Growth hacking is based on six fundamental ideas:

  • Set "Actionable" objectives, which achieve measurable growth. For example: To increase the production of content made by users of a website.
  • Measure The objective is to use analytical solutions to track user habits to anticipate service improvements.
  • Use the forces in the presence To achieve the objective from the existing rather than ex nihilo. For example, the customer database is an excellent starting point for launching an experiment in growth hacking. The presence of computer engineers in the company is another.
  • Experiment. Communicate on the objectives. Customers need to know and let the change in progress be known. For example, we will communicate about the new features implemented.
  • Optimize. The creation of a "control" group within users will always have the necessary setback to anticipate the problems and correct the shooting.
  • Again. The strength of the Growth hacking lies in its perpetual questioning. Errors are corrected, but growth targets can always be improved by launching new Creative and measurable experiments.

Skepsos proposes to pilot operationally the implementation of your digital/service strategy by intervening alongside your teams, And by bringing the methodological and advisory dimension indispensable to the implementation of this type of approach. Specifically, our stakeholders have the capacity to:

  • Support All or part of the projects,
  • Coordinate The interventions of the experts involved: trade, technologies, communication,
  • Provide, in addition, their own expertise
  • Get Involved:
    • Both on the Pilotage (Shared definition of objectives, definition of indicators, monitoring of progress and results),
    • As on the Operational topics (Animation of social networks, referencing, messages and content, returns),
    • To ensure the progress and results of the projects.

Depending on your context and your wish, we intervene in a Rationale for providing means, on the basis of a budget time in days X man valued, or in a logic of commitment of result, for example on the basis of the results obtained on the indicators defined within the framework of the project (s) concerned.

Depending on the size and ambition of your digital projects, our stakeholders can be dedicated to your business part-time or full-time.

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